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Erecting Fences

erecting fencesYou can embed your fence posts in cement, secure them into metal spikes, or bolt them down.

In order to determine the total number of panels you will need, compute the length of your desirable fence and then divide the length with the width of your fence panels. Standard panels are 1.8m (6 ft) wide. Length of your posts determines the height of your fence.

What will you need?

  • Trellis and fence panels
  • Fence posts – It is paramount to ensure that additional length is sunk into the ground (at least 60cm)
  • Panel cuts
  • Galvanized nails
  • Spade
  • Spirit level
  • Measuring tape
  • Concrete mix for fixing posts

Once you have everything you need, it is time to get down to the erecting your fence.

Set Out

You first need to establish the property boundary. In case the white boundary pegs cannot be found, request the council to have the boundary set or agree with your neighbour on the boundary line. After establishing the boundary line, lay out a 50 mm string line attached to the pegs inside your boundary. This will figure out where the front face of your posts should be.

Drive in the spikes

You can use a detector to ensure there are no electric cables or pipes in the ground underneath your proposed fence. In case you’re utilizing metal spikes (which are the easiest and quickest supporters to use), secure the post spike into the ground and utilize a heavy hammer to drive the spike into the ground until the square base is level with the ground surface. Fit a spike-settling instrument into the highest point of the spike to make pounding less demanding. Guaranteeing the spikes are rightly separated to fit the boards and that they are situated in a straight line, drive in whatever remains of the spikes. Unpracticed installers ought to settle the first fence posts and afterwards the first board etc, to guarantee the posts are rightly dispersed.

Fit the posts

Fit all the posts into spot, twofold watching that the posts are the right separation separated for the boards.

Lay the gravel boards

To stop the bottom finishes of the wall decaying, the pieces are underpinned on treated rock sheets. Lay the sheets in position along the lowest part, resting on the ground. Mark where each one crosses a post and slice to fit. Utilization wall settling sections to join the sheets to the base of the posts, and utilize a soul level to check they are flat.

Fix the panels

Place the first fence board up to the first post, resting on the rock board. Screw/nail the altering sections to the board and to the wall with weatherproof screws or excited nails. Utilize three to four sections for every post for quality. Keep on fixing boards.

Neaten the posts

On level ground, you may need to trim some timber from the highest point of each one post to verify all the posts tops are level. Screw a post top to each one post to ensure it from the climate.

Finally, if the fence links up to a wall at the end, use bolts to secure the fence firmly to the wall.

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